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Hello, my name is Sandra Niche. I began my writing journey in 2014 with the publication of my first book, “Survivor’’. This book details my experiences with domestic abuse, witnessing my mother being battered by my father as a child, and, unfortunately, experiencing similar abuse as an adult.


Originally from the Caribbean, I immigrated to the United Kingdom after fleeing domestic abuse in my first relationship, a story I recount in Chapter 6, “My First Love” Writing “Survivor’’ made me realize that everyone faces challenges, often one

after another, which inspired my second book, Overcoming.


Overcoming aims to shed light on intimate partner abuse, highlighting that it can happen to anyone and often leaves deep emotional, mental, and psychological scars, in addition to physical ones. The book not only narrates events from my life

but also examines behavioural patterns that contributed to the cycle of abuse I endured.


Written in a deeply personal style, my goal is to connect with readers and help them understand the reality of living in a domestic abuse environment. I use phrases like “Fight back” not to incite violence but to convey the intensity of the abuse and the desperate need to defend myself to survive.


This book is intended to raise awareness and inspire anyone, regardless of gender, who finds themselves in an overpowering and abusive environment. This book offers tips to help readers recognise domestic abuse, particularly when the perpetrator

subtly disguises his intent to subdue and control the victim. The author hopes that not only will readers find the book entertaining, but it will also raise awareness and inspire someone to achieve a life of freedom.

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