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"Upon reviewing the personal experiences shared by the author, it is clear that individuals who are victims of domestic violence may not readily identify their circumstances. The narrative highlights the enduring effects of abuse, evident through physical indicators like bruises, fractures, breathing difficulties, and involuntary shaking. Additionally, it brings attention to the emotional and psychological strain experienced by victims, including feelings of confusion, despair, sadness, anxiety, and panic attacks in both the immediate and long run.


This literary piece serves as a potent instrument for increasing awareness about the issue of abuse. The author's perspectives have shed light on various facets of this problem, eliciting compassion even from those who have not directly faced domestic violence. Undoubtedly, this book is not only impactful for me but also for others who have been exposed to its message."

Yours faithfully,
Bereta Mills

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"Overcoming was a very moving and personal account of Sandra's experiences of domestic abuse, both in her childhood and in her adult life. She raises some vital issues around education on domestic abuse issues, which is something that we as policy-makers should take on board."



"I have read Sandra’s Book; it has been one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride. It always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Very fulfilling and a real joy reading this book."

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"Sandra is an amazing writer, her book Overcoming was so inspiring and I could relate to so much she wrote about, the story is very liberating."



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